• Two Hands Pro - Baseball Fielding Trainer
    • Two Hands Pro - Baseball Fielding Trainer

      Currently used by MLB Teams - New York Mets & Washington Nationals A Soft Hands Training Device but using YOUR OWN Glove - creates "Quick Hands" Does not allow player to close glove which forces catching with two hands for every fielding catch Creates Flawless Fielding Mechanics & Develops blistering...

    • Maximum Velocity Sports - Power Up Wedge Sale
    • Power Up Wedge

      • Activate Total Body Torque & Strength • Increase Bat Speed & Consistency • For Hitting, Pitching, & Fielding • The most Versatile, Practical, Affordable, Performance Minded teaching and training device on today's market • The Power Up Wedge immediately provides: Instantaneous Feel, Balance, Stability, Direction, Leverage, Torque and Power....

      $59.99 $34.99
    • Maximum Velocity Sports - PRO L-Screen Protective Screen Baseball Softball Training
    • PRO L-Screen

      Maximum Velocity Pro L-Screen is our top-of-the-line protective L-screen. The 2" powder coated steel tubing frame with hip protector is heavy duty and built to last. Frame padding extends the net life, helps reduce ball ricochet and gives a tough strong look. Pneumatic wheels provide the Pro L-Screen with a...

    • Maximum Velocity Sports - Elite Pro Screen 5x7 L-Screen
    • Elite Pro 5x7 L-Screen

      The Elite Pro 5x7 L Screen is our top of the line screen. We make it as bulletproof as possible. Training facility tough to accept daily use. Made with thick 2mm/13 gauge 2" steel tubing that is galvanized and then powder coated. Our new compression bolting system makes this frame...